A small introduction

The history of Lysta and ATE Danmark

Where are we today, and what can you expect from us in the future.

Lysta has been in the market for decades

Lysta is a known brand

Lysta A/S was founded in 1970 and was situated 25km north of Copenhagen.

Lysta was a Danish medico-company with a large and varied network of business partners and sub-suppliers. In summer 2020, Lysta transferred all of its products and designs to ATE-Denmark. The management of Lysta has done this to ensure you, our customers, with a more streamlined and modern approach regarding the sales and service of the Lysta product lines.

Eventually, we will redesign some of the most sold and popular products, so our products meet our current customers’ expectations. Today ATE Denmark is responsible for the Lysta brand and customer base. and the Lysta products can be found here on ate-medico.com.

Lysta manufactures high-technology products mainly with, but not excluded to, the dental branch.

This focus on the dental branch is an area in which Lysta has been breaking new ground regarding new technology and design for many years.

Our advanced machine shop contains advanced high-tech machinery, capable of manufacturing high precision electronics and optics. And combined with skilled craftsmanship, we manufacture some of the best medico products in the entire world.

Therefore, the people of Lysta, together with our network partners, are able to undertake both large and small production orders. We also offer you the possibility to tap into our experience in designing and manufacturing skills for tools and products you might need in your own company.

The products of Lysta can be tailored to your specifications.

As far as quality assurance is concerned, Lysta lives up to the requirements of such standards as.

  • ISO
  • GMP

We do business with

  • End-users
  • Dealers
  • State
  • Municipal institutions
  • Industry in general.

Besides supplying the Danish market, Lysta exports approximately 50% of its total production.

If you by any chance have questions regarding this, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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