Hygienist 2420 table top ultra sonic scaler from Lysta

The Hygienist 2420 is a tabletop model in Lysta’s new series of fully automatic ultrasonic scalers.

Item number 04-13020

Hygienist 2420 ultra sonic scaler from Lysta table top edition

The Hygienist 2420 is a tabletop model in Lysta’s new series of fully automatic ultrasonic scalers.

There is no foot pedal, as the instrument starts automatically when it comes into contact with the tooth and stops as soon as it is removed.

The Hygienist 2420 consists of a HY 24 handpiece and an HPS 20 power supply:

The HPS 20 power supply is supplied with 24 VDC from a safety transformer. Once water has been connected to the power supply from the mains supply and the HY 24 handpiece has been connected to the power supply with the cable, the ultrasound scaler is ready for use.

The start/stop function is automatic when the tip is in contact with the tooth. The amplitude can be regulated on the front of the power supply. A green LED indicates that the power supply is connected and a yellow LED that it is in stand-by mode. A red LED will light up when the instrument is working.

Water flow can also be adjusted on the front of the power supply. The water supply is connected via a quick-disconnect water coupling and an external water filter has been inserted into the tubing to collect impurities from the water.

There is a non-graduated adjustment button for water volume.

Only one tip shape: Lysta’s HYGIENIST 24 can deal with all types of scaling and no change of tip is necessary. The tip is probe-shaped with a circular cross-section and can, therefore, also be used as a probe.

Only the very end of the tip is active: Only the final 3 mm of the tip vibrate. As a result, it is not only ideally suited for the removal of subgingival and supragingival tartar but is also painless if the rest of the tip should come into contact with the soft tissues.

Genuine ultrasound is noiseless:

Providing Lysta’s HYGIENIST 24 is used correctly, your patient will experience no pain. With a frequency of above 45 KHz at the end of the tip, no resonance will be felt in the tooth. In addition to this, the instrument is noiseless when not in contact with the tooth.

Autotorque – a facility invented by Lysta with great advantages: Lysta’s HYGIENIST 24 has integrated autotorque. Autotorque is controlled by refined electronics that guarantee constant amplitude of the instrument tip if the contact pressure varies. With a maximum pressure of 5g, the HYGIENIST 24 simply smoothes away tartar.

Frequency control: The fine electronics will also compensate when the tip becomes worn or bent if it is dropped on the floor.

Gentle with everything – but the tartar: The tip of the HYGIENIST 24 is made of a soft metal. Therefore, tartar can be removed without damaging enamel or dentin. No “cold” or “white” fingers: The vibration from the instrument is not transmitted to your hand.

The instrument is constructed so that the vibrating parts are isolated from the handpiece.

Together, the handpiece and cable (1.5m) weigh just 65g: Lysta’s HYGIENIST 24 is axial in shape and therefore comfortable to hold. The super lightweight, flexible cable allows maximum freedom of movement and allows the greatest possible sensitivity of touch.

Water spray: Water, sent through the tip itself as a fine spray, is used purely for rinsing the working area. The ultrasound will prevent any tendency towards calcium deposits building up in the tip.

The HY 24 handpiece can be removed from the cable. It is made of titanium and, therefore, is resistant to all types of chemical. The handpiece is hermetically sealed, is dishwasher-safe, can be disinfected in alcohol and autoclaved at 132oC (according to special instructions). The tip can also be sterilised under a naked flame.

The handpiece can be placed in an autoclavable holder, which can be attached on the right-hand side of the power supply. The holder can be turned depending on whether the user is right handed or left-handed. The instrument holder is manufactured from stainless steel and can be autoclaved limitlessly.

The housing of the HPS 20 is manufactured from aluminium and is anodised. It is easy to disinfect with alcohol.

Technical information

Dimensions:               40x120x135mm

Weight (box):             450g

Weight (handpiece):  42g

Connection:                24 V DC SELV

Frequency:                approx. 45 kHz

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