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Service and Product Upgrade

Our Global Service offering

We aim to ensure that products arriving for service are returned within 48 hours upon arrival at our address. This is a very ambitious goal and we rely on spare parts being readily available.

Many of our customers require a quote for service of a given product. However, diagnosis takes time as the product often has to be dismantled and we charge for the time used. It is difficult to judge the correct amount of time before we know exactly what is wrong. It is often a minor problem that can be corrected quickly and inexpensively during diagnosis.

We ask you to be aware that there will be a cost involved, regardless of whether you choose to accept the service. Also, the service will take longer due to the time needed for diagnosis, correspondence, and your acceptance.

Finally, if we can see that the repair cost is close to, or more than half the price of a new product, we will always contact you.

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