X Ray viewer – Lysta LUNA Maxi

For x-ray films in status film mounts as well as individual x-rays (loose or held by development clips)

(Item no. 01-12211 – free standing)

(Item no. 01-12234 – for installation in a tabletop)

X Ray viewer – Lysta LUNA Maxi

The LUNA Maxi is intended for orthodontic tracing. It can also be used to view x-rays with a format of 300 x 540 mm.

The Maxi can either lie or stand on a table. You can also attach the housing to the wall. There are 2 sets of 2 x-ray clips to hold the x-ray in place.

Special brackets are available if you wish to build the viewer into a tabletop.

Regulation of the light intensity is ungraduated.

The LUNA Maxi is connected directly to 220V using a mains cable with molded plug.

All of Lysta’s LUNA x-ray viewers are equipped with electronic control that converts the mains frequency (50 – 60 Hz) to 30.000 – 50.000 Hz.

As a result, the human eye perceives the light from the viewer as flicker-free.

Greater accuracy of diagnosis: The accuracy of your diagnosis will be increased substantially by the flicker-free light emitted by Lysta’s LUNA.

Scientific tests have proven that a light that flickers not only tires the eyes but also reduces the ability to concentrate.
Longer life-span for standard fluorescent tubes: Due to the electronic control in Lysta’s

LUNA it is possible to use standard fluorescent tubes in the viewer. It also increases the lifespan of the tubes.

Technical information

Luminance:              Min. 5000 cd/m2                 

Light source:            1 pc. GE 55W                

Supply voltage:         24 VAC +/- 10%             

Dimensions:             565 x 300 x 75 mm        

Illuminated area:       465 x 295 mm                

Weight:                     0.8 kg  

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