LUNA Profile from Lysta

LUNA Profile is intended for profile x-rays

(Item no. 01-12241 – free standing)

(Item no. 01-12250 – for installation in a tabletop)

X Ray viewer – LUNA Profile from Lysta

As its name suggests the LUNA Profile is intended for profile x-rays. The LUNA Profile contains 2 sets of 2 fluorescent tubes. The light intensity for each set can be regulated or switched onand off separately.

This is an advantage if you are working with films with large light areas (e.g. profile x-rays).

The viewer can be placed in a flat or angled position or hung up.

There are film clips at both ends of the housing.

The LUNA Profile is available in two versions, one is free-standing and the other can be built into a table top.

All of Lysta’s LUNA x-ray viewers are equipped with an electronic control which converts the mainsfrequency (50 – 60 Hz) to 30.000 – 50.000 Hz.

As a result, the human eye perceives the light from the viewer as flicker-free.

Greater accuracy of diagnosis: The accuracy of your diagnosis will be increased substantially by the flicker-free light emitted by Lysta’s LUNA. Scientific tests have proven that a light which flickers not only tires the eyes but also reduces the ability to concentrate.

Longer life-span for standard fluorescent tubes: Due to the electronic control in Lysta’s

LUNA it is possible to use standard fluorescent tubes in the viewer. It also increases the life-span of the tubes.

Low voltage means greater safety: Lysta’s LUNA works with a low voltage (24V). Therefore, there is no risk involved in working with wet hands or film.

Accessories: There is a large assortment of accessories for Lysta’s LUNA system e.g. mounting brackets, magnifiers and ENDOMETER.

Technical information

Luminance:              2600 cd/m2                            

Light source:            4 pcs. TL6/33                 

Supply voltage:         24VAC/27VDC +/-10%  

Dimensions:             308 x 242 x 55 mm        

Illuminated area:       305 x 213 mm

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