Medical Operational Suction unit MOS

High-quality portable medical suction unit

Item number 999-200

Medical Operational Suction unit MOS

The Medical Operation Suction (MOS) unit can be used in both a mobile and stationary environment. Often it is used by military forces in a operational environment in the field or in an stationary environment, and it meet international medical standards.

Beside the usage of military forces the unit provide suction capability for mobile hospitals, dentist in both a stationary and non-stationary environments. or Veterinarians.

The suction system was designed to meet the same flow and vacuum as stationary suction units, but providing the needed freedom to bring out in an operational field area.


  • Transportation bag
  • Wheel system for stationary use.

Technical information

230-420 L / Min

Vacuum at max 50 Mbar

110-230 VAC – 1,6 A – 50-60 Hertz

12 VDC – 16 A

3-6 my outlet HEPA filer

ATE High Flow Separator System

Waste Bag System

Weight 6,5 kg

For mobile or stationary use

Used by defense forces

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