Steriflow from Lysta. Alternative fluid supply

Alternative fluid supply with 30 and 150 ml flow per minute.

Item number 01-12195

Steriflow from Lysta. Alternative fluid supply

Steriflow is a sterile water delivery system for attachment to a dental unit.

The Steriflow system is developed and manufactured in Denmark by Lysta.

During the development of the Steriflow pump, Lysta attached great importance to the reliability of the product.

Another important issue was the design: it is attractive and the dimensions are surprisingly small. All of these characteristics are common to many of Lysta’s products. The Steriflow pump can be used in connection with all types of surgical intervention requiring either sterile cooling of dental scalers or rotating instruments – implant treatment etc. – or an alternative fluid supply, for example iodine solution.

Steriflow can easily be mounted onto the majority of unit types by attaching a simple adapter. In addition, a plug must be established on the back of the instrument bridge. The plug is connected to the magnet valve in the unit, which controls the water spray to the handpiece.

An autoclavable handpiece with external spray should be used with the Steriflow.

Steriflow consists of a motor housing with a bag stand, a regulator for adjusting the water volume, a detachable autoclavable pump housing with a tube which connects the bag with sterile water to the handpiece. The power supply is connected to the above-mentioned plug on the unit. When the plug is connected, the built-in magnet valve is disconnected. When the micromotor starts up, the handpiece will be supplied with sterile water from the bag. The pump only works when the motor is on.

If sterile water is no longer required, simply remove the plug and the normal water spray is re-established.

No witchcraft – pure versatility!

The pump has a capacity from 30 ml to 150 ml /min. This is perfectly adequate for most operations.

The water volume is controlled by an easy-turn knob on the pump housing. The pump is also available in a larger version.

SR10/30 with a capacity of 10 – 30 ml/min.
SR10/50 with a capacity of 40 – 150 ml/min.

The elegant, cylindrical pump housing is manufactured from anodised aluminium and is only 160 mm long with a diameter of 60 mm.

The pump includes a piece of autoclavable rubber tubing (1.20 m) with a non-rust tube attachment at the end.

A small silicone tube, which fits onto the handpiece, is connected to this attachment and there is a needle at the other end for attachment to the sterile bag.

With the Steriflow pump, you can quickly establish sterile operation conditions – the patient will appreciate the fact that extra efforts have been made to achieve sterile conditions.

Technical information

An Alternative Fluid Supply

Capacity: 10 – 30 ml/min (or 40 – 150 ml/min)

Dimensions: 133 x 58 x 77 mm (or 139 x 59 x 78 mm)

Weight: 570g (or 600g)

Connection: 24V AC/DC

Adapter: 16mm diameter x 18 mm

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